Log Home Values

Some of the oldest occupied structures in North America are log buildings.
They are sturdy and stand up well to the elements.
Modern technologies have made log homes even longer lasting.

Good Investment
Log homes are the fastest growing segment of the custom-built home real estate market.
A log home could therefore appreciate in value.
Log homes are usually custom built, with superior craftmanship, which also contributes to higher resale value.
Log home kits are not as good as a custom-built log home.

Environmentally Friendly
They are made of natural and renewable materials that are inherently more environmentally friendly than processed lumber in construction.

Energy Efficient
Log homes have thick, solid wood construction, proven to be energy efficient, able to keep heat out in the summer and heat in in the winter.

Easy to Maintain
Traditional homes have sealed, and sometime hollow walls, making it difficult to detect things like mould, mildew, insects or other unwanted problems.
The log home construction makes it easy to inspect your home for problems – just walk around the house and check the condition of the logs.

The solid logs make an excellent sound barrier.

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